We couldn’t commit
a greater crime!

We’ve committed the crime of the century.
We’ve liberalized wine.

We want you to live new experiences; to have fun and make the most of the moment, laughing, telling stories while drinking wine with your friends, without prejudice, without shame. And that you repeat this ritual over and over again, enjoying its taste and premium quality, sampling our different red or white varietals in your own way.

– Oh, but I only like this varietal. – WE HAVE IT.
-Oh, I like to mix varietals. – YES YOU CAN.
– What you’re doing is a crime. – – WE’RE AWARE OF IT.

We challenge you to be part of this crime.


Wine on Tap is an innovative wine serving system.

The wine comes directly from the keg into the glass at a controlled temperature, ensuring quality at the time of consumption.

Wine on Tap not only makes the service faster, it also makes the consumption of premium wine more affordable, at a fairer price.

CRIME OF THE CENTURY is a brand that goes beyond the traditional formats in the wine industry.

With our system, you can try a single grape variety or several varietals and combine them, which we call blend.

The result is a great combination of quality and price.

The process is very advantageous, sustainable, and uncomplicated – each keg represents 20 bottles less being produced along with other waste materials, thus helping to reduce the carbon footprint on the Planet.


Crime of the Century is one of the brands of Wine Ventures, that develops its projects in a sustainable way.

Yes, we have made very few friends among the producers of raw materials, but what we want is for you to drink the best wines without having to worry about the environment.

So far, we were able to reduce waste production by more then 21 million bottles and more than 11 tons of packaging materials. In addition, we have saved more than 11 thousand trees.

Our team

These are the accomplices of the crime, and the strategists behind this plan.

70% Chardonnay + 30% Arinto

80% Arinto + 20% Chardonnay

60% Arinto + 40% Sauvignon Blanc
60% Arinto + 40% Chardonnay
70% Chardonnay + 30% Arinto
60% Syrah + 40% Touriga Nacional​
70% Cabernet Sauvignon + 30% Touriga Nacional
70% Cabernet Sauvignon + 30% Alicante Bouchet